Apple Pie Baked inside of Apples Tutorial

Isn’t this like hollowing out a corpse, then putting someone else’s organs inside and cooking them?

i was expecting the other fandom

i was expecting the other fandom

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London-based fabric artist Lucy Sparrow just opened a very unusual and utterly charming pop-up grocery store in Bethnal Green, east London. Called The Cornershop, it sells all the everyday items a person could need with one special catch: they’re all made from felt. All of the fruit, snacks, drinks, frozen dinners, chewing gum, newspapers, and even the cash register are made of soft, fuzzy felt.

Sparrow’s awesome project was funded thanks to an overwhelmingly successful Kickstarter campaign, funding from the Arts Council and a sponsorship from UK confectionery manufacturer Swizzels Matlow. Work on the shop began in January 2014. Sparrow spent seven months painstakingly stitching together 3,944 felt items. By the time the work was finished she’d made over 250,000 stitches.

"I’ve always made big things. I like coming up with huge projects where the result is bigger than me and it takes over my life. I’m very obsessive and I want that to come across in the work and get people thinking ‘Who would be crazy enough to do this?’ I like getting up at the crack of dawn and beavering away at something, knowing that so many other people are still asleep.

The felt shop was born out of a desire to make an exhibition that was so all-encompassing that when everyone came in they were just blown away by the extent of the work, the labour involved.”

Lucy Sparrow’s stitched cornershop will be open throughout August. All of her felt shop products are available for purchase with prices ranging from £3 ($5 US) for a cigarette lighter to £840 ($1420 US) for the store’s cash register (the most expensive item in the shop).

Don’t worry if you can’t make it to London to check out The Cornershop in person. You can still visit the shop to peruse and even purchase its products via The Cornershop website.

Photos by Rosie Hallam

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My Favourite symbolic Hannibal Meals

Aperitif - Pomegranate, Pear and Strawberry Platter

The Holy Trinity, decadence and symbol of the underworld. The deep red reflected in Hannibals office and the decent into Hell. 

Sorbet - Tomato Roses

Hannibals attempts at romance, towards Will or Alana he expresses it through food, the delicacy required reflects the delicacy of the construction of his murders

Mukozuke - Mask Pie

Hannibal is eating Wills brain, he has total control of consumption of it, it is within him, entirely his. Hannibal is enjoying himself, this is one of his last moments of enjoyment of the situation he has put Will in before he frees him.

Futamono - Clay leg and Watermelon

Auto Cannibalism, so good Abel eats it anyway, it is once again the satisfaction, but also the details, the watermelon in the front of the shot is cut like an exposed brain like in Hannibal (2001) a reference back to another act of Auto Cannibalism.

Naka Choko - Ms Lounds

Hannibal believes Will has provided him with Freddie Lounds to eat, the porcupine quills on the side of plate represent that the pen is mightier than the sword and that Freddie lives. 

Ko No Mono - Ortolans

A consummation of Hannibal and Wills relationship, they look at the face of god and take a leap of decadence together. Hannibal is teaching Will and is his guide.

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this is terrifying in the most awesome of ways.

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every time I use “they” to refer to a single gender-unknown person on Tumblr, another piece of my grammar-filled heart shatters, and the pieces scatter at the bottom of hell

“They” has been a singular pronoun for hundreds of years, you melodramatic dipshit.

well… actually… no… they is plural. people use they when they should use he, she, or it.

dense motherfucker, the pronoun “they” is an english equivalent for the third person indefinite singular and has been for literally centuries. it remains morphologically and syntactically plural therefore you don’t need to shit your little pantaloons at compromising your surely rock solid grammar rules.

i guarantee every fuckin time you’ve ever had to refer to a person of an unknown gender you’ve used “they” subconsciously. (“The post clerk gave me a message for you.” “Oh, what did they say?”) but you only have a problem with it when people specify it as a pronoun for themselves because you’re a shitlord i fuckin guess.

grammarized straight into hell

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no matter the distance, your friendship is always important

fuck this is too adorable

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in every life, no matter what changes, you always shall be.
Merlin Genderbend AU → Kristen Stewart as Merlin and Mia Wasikowska as Arthur.

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Honestly. I am not ready for the Third Movie. This is why I make these.

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[game dev] ah yes withered old antagonist with a grossed collapsed nose


[game dev] still gotta add dem titties tho


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